Implant Alpha Dent Active Bio – new product with huge potential
07.09.2018 | Clinical international

Implant Alpha Dent Active Bio – new product with huge potential

Manufacturer: Alpha Dent Implants LTD

Innovations in implantology are a response to the needs of doctors and patients, a rethinking of previous experiences, work on mistakes and, in general, progress. But not many brands have been able to decide on releasing a new implant for the last 10 years. This is a risk and a big investment. Despite all the difficulties of promoting a new product in a highly competitive environment, the German company Alpha Dent Implants in the end of 2016 launches a new implant - Active Bio. In many respects this implant is a practical answer to theorizing on various problems of dental implantation. Today, the most urgent tasks of implantation are the reduction of the periods of osseointegration, the possibility of implantation even with a minimal bone volume, the achievement of the primary stability of the implant, the preservation of bone and soft tissues in the implant area, and the long-term preservation of the aesthetic result. Developers of Alpha Dent in the new product took into account all wishes, as far as possible - the conical shape of the implant body, the antirotation groove in the apical part, the unique hydrophilic surface, the unified tapered platform, the platform switching, the maximum anti-rotation effect, the cone back cone to reduce the compression in cortical layer.
The Active Bio implant is designed for II, III, IV types of bone, it can be installed both at the level of the cortical layer and subcrustally.

Features of the shape of the Active Bio implant

In the new implant from Alpha Dent, the main innovations were aimed at improving the shape of the implant body.
The main feature of Active Bio is the triangular shape of the implant body at the level of the cortical bone transition into the spongy bone. What does it give?
Thanks to the triangular shape, which is achieved by the bevels located in the upper third of the implant body, a high primary stability and maximum anti-rotation effect are achieved. It's logical - to turn a triangle is more difficult than a circle. Therefore, this feature of the shape of the implant body allows direct loading, with the installation of a temporary or permanent prosthesis in one step.
A feature of the shape of the Active Bio implant is also the rounding in the apical part, which prevents damage to the Schneider membrane, which is one of the most frequent complications in implantation.
Another advantage is the shape of the cervical part, which is a reverse cone with a thread, which allows to reduce the compression in the cortical layer.
All the features of the Active Bio form are aimed at reducing the periods of osseointegration, achieving primary stability and preserving bone tissue.

Features of the Active Bio implant thread

The Active Bio implant has a deep aggressive thread, which increases the contact area of ​​the implant with the bone and allows achieving a reliable primary stability in the soft bone, and is also revalent at one-stage implantation.
Features of Active Bio Implant Jointing
A narrow platform (2.1 mm) is uniform for all diameters - it is convenient for choosing orthopedic and technical elements by the orthopedic physician, and "platform switching" allows minimizing bone resorption in the cervical region and achieving a long-term ideal aesthetic result.


Features of Active Bio Implant Surface

In the production of implants Alpha Dent uses titanium grade Grade4. The surface, which was called 3D Active, was developed by STR Surface Treatment Research (UK). It implies a multilevel and microporous structure of the surface of the implant surface with an oxide layer of 10-12 microns, which leads to a sufficiently rapid remote osteogenesis. The terms of osseointegration are shortened, which is confirmed by the research of the British laboratory STR Surface Treatment Research, along with the absence of risks in the early rehabilitation.


Despite the fact that Active Bio is in the middle price category, it boldly competes with more expensive implants, as it combines a number of the above features.
Active Bio has won numerous doctors-adherents in our country and deservedly is gaining popularity all over the world!

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