Dental implants U-impl - modern classic
24.09.2018 | Clinical international

Dental implants U-impl - modern classic

Implants of U-impl made a huge contribution to the development of implantology in Ukraine. Many implantologists began to work with these implants, and U-impl did a lot to inform the beginning implantologists, their training and meet the needs of Ukrainians in financially accessible and reliable implants. Many dentists with experience have installed for their practice tens of thousands of these implants and always spoke of them as reliable, simple and universal.
Despite the entry of brands to the Ukrainian market with a more aggressive marketing policy, U-impl has maintained a sufficiently strong position in its price category and successfully competes with well-known brands at the expense of a lower price with competitive quality.
U-impl underwent serious experimental and clinical studies in Cyprus, Poland, Germany and the USA, and they showed high efficiency of implant use. The histomorphometry of the experimental samples, conducted by Professor Andriano Piateli (Italy), confirmed the high osseointegration of the implants.
In 2007, U-impl started cooperation with such leading European companies as Leitner AG, Metalor Dental AG and Z-systems AG. In 2008, with the aim of introducing modern state-of-the-art technologies, the company is reorganizing, creating a new structure called U-impl Switzerland GMBH, a production site and quality control structures in Switzerland.
Swiss dental implants, like all Swiss implants: banks, watches, chocolate, penknives, bells for cows are automatically reputed to be a product of high quality, reliable and durable. And U-impl simply have to justify it.

Features and benefits of implant system U-impl

One of the notable features of this implant system is the combination of many classical principles of implantation with modern ones. The spirit of Armored Mark is invisibly present in these implants.

  • For the production of the implant system of U-Impl Switzerland, titanium is used that meets the international standard ASTM F 67-89 Grade 5 ELI.
  • The type of connection with the internal hexagon ensures a high stability of the abutment, which virtually eliminates the micro mobility of the abutment / implant connection.
  • An internal hexagonal height of 1, 9 mm directs the forces that occur when the load is inward, preventing excessive loading of the fixing screw.
  • With this connection, the internal slope of the walls makes it possible to withstand lateral loads in the area of ​​the cortical plate of the bone.
  • The low profile of the joint improves aesthetics and provides a more natural appearance of the prosthesis, especially in aesthetically important areas.
  • The presence of "platform switching" creates favorable conditions for long-term stability of bone and soft tissue, prevention of bone loss.
  • The gold color of the abutment provides aesthetics of the gums and transgingival part (TIN coating)
  • The polished surface of the platform provides high resistance to bacteria.


The profile of the thread is very classical, like that of the Armor Marks, it is designed to achieve maximum primary stability. This is also facilitated by micro-threading on the neck of the implant. It redistributes the load on the cortical plate of the bone and reduces its further resorption in the process of functional loading, and also trajectory increases the ability of the implant to carry the load.

Surface of implant

U-Impl implants use SLA (Sand-blasted, Large grit, Acid etched) surface treatment. The surface finish of the finished implants is confirmed by morphological studies (JSM-6060 LA JEOL, Japan). The surface has a high degree of hydrophilicity.
The roughness and microrelief of titanium are achieved as a result of sandblasting and acid dressing, the surface thus developed improves bone / implant contact. Micromechanical fixation improves the stability of the implant.
The shape of implants U-impl is a pronounced cone. The grooves along the apical part of the implant body are filled with bone fragments during its installation, which improves osseointegration.
One of the very important advantages of the U-Impl system is its versatility. The U-impulse is fully adapted to the templates, and its tools can be used to install implants of other systems. The system is very convenient and easy to operate, and it is noted by many implantologists working with it.

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