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Bio3 Implants is a world-famous German company that has been working in the sphere of dentistry and implantology during 20 years.

The last invention of the company is Bio3 BETA BONE material which is the result of laborious scientific research.

Bio3 BETA BONE products are an innovational system created for bone regeneration.

Bone regeneration is used in dentistry for restoration of missing bone in a jaw. These are operations made for restoration, build-up, and strengthening of jaw bone tissue by means of various methods.

Bone tissue regeneration is a complicated process which requires maximum biological compatibility. This is why there are three types of Bio3 BETA BONE material:

1. Allogenic osteoplastic material extracted from donor bone.

2. Natural osteoplastic material made of highly-refined bovine bone.

3. Synthetic substitute of bone transplant.

Let us have a look at each kind in details.


Allogenic osteoplastic material extracted from donor bone is processed in tissue bank certified by the Ministry of Health of Germany and accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks. Bio3 BETA BONE allotransplant is adapted to a human organism best of all according to its biochemical composition. This is a good substitute for a patient’s autologous bone.

The material is sterile and totally safe, since freeze drying minimizes its antigenic power. Application: implantology, maxillo-facial surgery, periodontics, general surgery, traumatology.

Natural osteoplastic material made of highly-refined bovine bone has osteogenetic properties and high biological compatibility with pronounced hydrophilic properties. Due to three-dimensional pore structure of biological hydroxiapatite (trabecular and diaphyseal parts of tubular bones) antiogenesis is possible, as well as bone marrow stem cell migration and fast penetration of blood proteins into micropores which, in their turn, are temporary reservoirs for protein collecting and growth.

Concerning bovine spongiform encephalopathy, Bio3 BETA BONE made of highly-refined bovine bone is a safe German transplant material without cell elements and protein. The spheres of application are: implantology, maxillo-facial surgery, periodontics, general surgery.

Synthetic substitute of bone transplant is highly resorbable. Homogenous structure of synthetic Bio3 BETA BONE promotes creation of new bone tissue and its long-term mechanical stability. High osteoconductivity of Bio3 BETA BONE can be reached due to high number of pores (near 80%) at the size of pores from 200 to 800 µm and their interconnected structure. High macroporosis of the material is a perfect structure for fast growth of osteogenetic cells. It promotes bone tissue regeneration best of all. The material is not less efficient than materials made of bovine and donor bone.

Material reabsorption and integration processes take 2 stages: during 3-6 months beta-tricalcium phosphate regeneration takes place, and then hydroxyapatite integration. The material should be applied in: implantology, maxillo-facial surgery, periodontics, general surgery, dental surgery.


You can find more information about Bio3 BETA BONE material clicking on the link.

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