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The Most Bizarre Dental Stories. Part II
23.08.2017 | News international

The Most Bizarre Dental Stories. Part II

by Dental Time

It is not surprising that many strange things that took place were connected with people’s teeth too.  Some of them are funny but others are pretty strange and can even bewilder you. One way or the other, they’re among the strangest things that came about last year…

4. Dentist Pretender

To  disguise yourself as something or somebody can be very amusing when it comes to a costume party, but it’s not funny at all when it concerns imitating a profession that isn’t your own… particularly when life and safety of other people depend on that profession.  Therefore the story of one New York “false” dentist is so frightening.  During one year, she intentionally make appointments with clients for the time when the real dentist wouldn’t be there, and then carried out serious procedures like root canals on uninsured patients to whom she’d offered a cash discount.  

She was unmasked after some people complained about complications that appeared right after the procedures. A usual Google search would have told patients that this woman was an unlicensed dentist and had no business at all.

5. Approach to dental phobia with humour

In Mach, 2015 a famous basketball player Lebron James showed in Instagram his dentist appointment and ended with learning something about himself in the process.  Of course, on the court King James can be an impeccable and confident superhero, but in the dentist’s chair, he’s just a lad who worries about the coming procedure and quivers on hearing a drill.  

James posted his selfie where he looked nervous enough, with his comment, “Back at the dentist and I’m hearing cluster of drilling behind me from my dentists so I was forced to sit up like “What the hell is going on back there”. Haha but seriously what’s up.”  Although we might not have gotten an update on how it all turned out, we can assume he was a trooper and pretended to be all right. His beautiful smile he shows after a great win is still unharmed and he perhaps helped people with dental phobia to realize that they’re not alone.  

We hope all these bizarre stories were not just interesting, but informative – from even the most weird dental story, we can learn something about how to take better care of our teeth in order to get beautiful ultrawhite smile.



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