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From Dentist to Small Entrepreneur: Developmental Variations
28.10.2015 | News americas

From Dentist to Small Entrepreneur: Developmental Variations

by Dental Time

At the dental school you are taught to keep teeth and oral cavity healthy and clean. However, after the graduation you have no idea how to command your own capital and to form the right way of your own business development. “This is one of the reasons of speciaists’ uneasy life”, Genaro Romo says, a man whose carrier started in Chicago in the 90s. He understood that one can become a good dentist only in a case of the right running of own small-scale business. “We were taught to be dentists”, Romo says in interview for NerdWallet, “but you have to know how to run business.”


Everyone Has His/Her Own Way: How Is It Better to Start?

After the graduation exams dentists consider three versions of the further developing of events. The one of steps can be joining practice in the role of a partner where one can “work for his own way up”, Romo tells. He did this way, and this kind of strategy brought him success. Generally, he managed to do everything on his own further when he started his practice alone. Now he has his own office in Chicago with 20 workers in staff.

There is a coupe of variants more how to start your own business. For example, you can build your own practice from the bottom. It can become quite absorbing, but really expensive occupation. A dentist who starts his own business has to deposit a pledge from 300 to 350 thousand dollars statistically, Gavin Shi says, a senior manager on marketing and sales of the WellsFargo company where he cooperated with many dentists.
Approximately 50-60% of total budget have to be spend on establishing an office. This part of expenses often determines sizeable investments connected with electrical requirements, filling, he shares with NerdWallet. A standard working space of a dentist is called an operational room. Office equipped with everything necessary including lockers, a specialized chair, powerful lighting, new radiography (X-ray) gear can cost you from 25 to 50 thousand dollars for one operational room, Gavin Shi tells us.

Moreover, the beginning of the way may not always be smooth. Romo notes about the importance of development of a structured and complete business-plan. Overdraft in the result of loaded expansion strategy is a common mistake among businessmen-beginners. However, Romo adds: “Don’t doubt your growth to happen.”
Some specialists are too accurate as for their own finances. That is why they come to conclusion that the speed of this business growth makes them marking time. They maximize their own space and are forced to start from the beginning at some new place.
To draw a parallel, we can consider purchasing of accommodation where geography has the most important meaning, Romo explains. “Before works starts you have to make an analysis”, he says. “First of all, ask yourself a question: is a dentist needed in this area?”

As an alternative, you can purchase a ready business. Purchasing of existing practice of retiring dentist is one of the most popular ways to make a high start. It is important here to make a valuation because you can easily mistake in the real cost of this practice. Romo says: “You can buy office facilities with a not very big stream of clients and the equipment can appear to be old.” “On the assumption of practice this sort of business can cost from 500 to 700 thousand dollars”, Shi explains. The specialist who asks for pledge usually includes into the document the determined short-term capital of work which covers the initial period of ownership.


Which Kind of Financing Is the Best: Private Individual or Bank?

Though the company WellsFargo didn’t want to reveal interest rate towards this sort of financing the activity, we should point out that their program implies SBA-guaranteed credit lines proposing low interest. That credit is usually based on the day-to-day standard rate with a definite price markup (usually 2.25-2.75%). With a rate of 3.25 % for a credit you will pay from 5.5 to 6% of commission.

It is worth reminding that SBA has very strict requirements, that is why the request can be operated within a couple of months. So called alternative creditors are known for their speed of document processing and passing a resolution which can take 3 days at most. At this moment, some individuals nowadays usually offer to give a credit for dentists-beginners. Of course, interest rates will be more than those of a bank in that case.
In the DealStruck company a client can take a credit for 3 to 4 years with the aim of financing the technical part of office. In this case interest rate is 12 to 18%, Steve Freshur, the case credit officer, tells us. “It is the amortizing type of credit”, he says. “Payment of 4% for documents processing will be immobilized from the borrowed capital.”

While creating financial plan for dentist practice everybody can face different situations, as Romo says. However, he underlines, that you should remember one thing: you invest in business. “If you invest in technologies, then you build trusting relationships with your clients", he says. “This is not a luxury. If everything follows a plan you compensate your investment fast.”


Resort to Expert Group Advice

Find an advisor who specializes in finances in dentistry. Some experts give professional advice to dentists in any situation. “There are certified public accountants specialize in dentistry business”, Romo explains. Besides, there are dentists who understand accounting and other spheres giving them qualification. One of the right methods to find an advisor is a dentist trade union. This is another recommendation for you.


Join Trade Unions

Romo insistently recommends start communicating with other dentists. He did it himself when became a member of dentists’ society in Illinois and American association of dentists. The specialist was delighted from ASA activity, so that is why he shortly became a speaker of the association.

Dentists’ organization, as a rule, has regulated connections with banking establishments ASA, for example, cooperation with WellsFargo where there is a place for practice financing connected with needs of oculists, veterinarians, dentists and other medical specialties. Bank offers information according to the main aspects of start and expansion of this sort of business, and it also offers help in establishing a new office and purchasing all the necessary equipment.

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