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Chewing gum detects inflammatory processes
06.09.2017 | News international

Chewing gum detects inflammatory processes

by Dental Time

Sometimes it happens that inserted implants can have complicated consequences, which are hard to be noticed. Latest researches have revealed that 6 to 15% of patients suffer from inflammatory processes in some years after the implant had been inserted. The reason for that is a special bacterium that destroys soft tissues and the bone adjoining the implant and can eventually lead to tremendous outcomes such as bone loss.

In the nearest time, it will be possible to detect whether patient has such a bacterium and whether the implant is endangered through the technique of using a special chewing gum, created by the experts of the Julius-Maximilians University in Germany. Their goal is to simplify the methods of disclosing a disease.

In particular, this modern method works in the next way: when the patient’s mouth cavity is affected by inflammatory process, patient feels a bitter taste when chewing this gum. In such circumstances, patient should immediately visit his doctor and let him treat the inflammation to avoid further worse consequences such as loss of bone. 

The particularity of this test with the use of gum is hidden in its simplicity – one can use it whenever and wherever he or she wants to, – states Lorenz Meinel, Professor of this University. Description of such a novelty can be found in the special article, issued by “Nature Communication”.

Enzymes can cause bitterness

It was proven, that certain enzymes are affected by the bacterium when there in an inflammation in the mouth cavity. In couple of minutes, the enzymes activate some components of the chewing gum and that is why the patient feels this bittering taste. This is obviously a hint that it is the right time to see your doctor.

These results were proven by the group of experts of the same team. The first researches with saliva were carried out in Rimini.

Further work intentions

To produce and release this gum product to the consumers, the team of experts plans to launch a company. They want to make it possible, that everyone and everywhere could easily detect the first signs of inflammatory processes to avoid the disease development as quick as it is possible.



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