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Jakobi Dental GmbH

MIST-FREE MIRRORS for intraoral photography.

Jakobi Dental Instruments from Germany has the solution for mist free mirrors used for intraoral photography, the new Photo Mirror Demister.
The Demister is a handle with integrated ventilation and light (LED), It ensures mist-free mirrors during recording. The ventilation can be adjusted to the needs of the dentist or orthodontist and is completely disinfectable.
The curved handle is lightweight, and is easy to operate. The patient may, if desired, hold the handle so that the dentist has his hands free for photography.
Jakobi uses highly polished stainless steel mirrors with the advantage of precise, distortion-free, sharp and high contrast for a clear picture. The mirrors can be used on both sides, shatterproof and can be disinfected and sterilized.
The special photo mirror cassette protects the mirrors in the thermodesinfector and during the sterilization process.

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