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Alpha Dent Implants LTD
Alpha Dent Implants Ltd
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Alpha Dent Implants LTD

Steadily growing and developing company Alpha Dent Implants Ltd bases on years of experience and research results of world leaders in implantology. That has made us one of the most perspective company of all dental implants manufacturers. It lets us develop an absolutely new system of dental implants – Alpha Dent. New achievement of Alpha Dent company is 3D surface. 3D surface is a result of a long and profitable project of STR Surface Treatment Research laboratory (UK).

Alpha Dent Implant Ltd maintains a system of thorough control of quality of its products which satisfy all the requirements of the main standards in this sphere: the standard ISO 13485 included in the estimating system of satisfying of products manufactured for medical purpose requirements and the standard ISO 9001.

A large selection of our products allows providing all the patients with individual approach considering all anatomic features of the jaws and guarantees proper esthetical qualities. Lots of innovative solutions in the Alpha Dent system were suggested by the doctors with incredibly wide experience in the field of implantology. The clinical situations of complete rehabilitation with Alpha Dent implants are published in our periodical “Info-Implant”.

Company Alpha Dent Implants Ltd carries out different educational programs meeting the demands of experiences specialists – implantologists and beginner general dentists. Also company Alpha Dent Implants takes part in different charity campaigns.

Four example Alpha Dent Implants Ltd made a donation consisted of about 400 implants during the charity campaign called “Quality of Life for Our Parents” (free implantation for the veterans of the Second World War).

More than that company Alpha Dent Implants Ltd has established an effective plan of delivery of its products to dealers all around the world. From year to year Alpha Dent Implants Ltd comes to new countries. The company has lots of local sales and service centers – it helps in providing people with better quality of service.

Price, quality and service are the basic principles of our work which guarantee our steady growth and allow doctors from different countries working and developing with us giving their patients healthy and beaming smiles and new level of quality of life.

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