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Ten key points you should know before ordering implantology courses
02.06.2017 | News international

Ten key points you should know before ordering implantology courses

by Dental Time

Colin Campbell, the head of The Campbell Academy, comments on the key points you should be aware of before ordering any implantology course.

  1. Is there any helpful element to the course, allowing you to apply your skills?

  2. Who teaches on the faculty and what is their experience in implant odontology?

  3. Is that a multi- or single-system course? Which one are you searching for and which one satisfies your requirements?

  4. Does it teach straight away implant odontology or more of a complex degree and whether you are competent enough for those things?

  5. Does it include treatment on actual patients, whether it is under guidance and supervision?

  6. Is it based on research or on practice?

  7. Does it study the evidence of dental odontology and teach operations that are intended for competent individuals and not exceptional persons?

  8. Does it seem to be funny?

  9. Is there any connection between modules or are you unaware of it? Do you have a possibility to discuss some points with your groupmates online?

  10. Does it deal mostly with mentoring and practical skills or academic knowledge?

We hope this checklist will be useful for you!

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