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Outstanding among the competition
17.06.2017 | News international

Outstanding among the competition

by Dental Time

If you happened to buy a new fancy equipment for your practice, would you prefer to describe it to your clients by the technical name or to underline its main features?

From the point of view of the marketing perspective, the latter is more worthwhile. You surely do not want to annoy your patients with the minimalized and boring variant of the truth if you want their appreciation and understanding of your investment.

Your image is based on your daily interactions with the other people, whether they are your colleagues, friend, patients or peers. Therefore, why don’t you think of applying these rules for marketing yourself?

You should definitely exercise control over your own image and start marketing yourself in order to outstand among the competition, because you are the most significant part of your practice.

Here is a swift exercise: take only 15 seconds to write a description of yourself. Imagine that your colleague is going to present you to a huge crowd of potential patients. How would you like to be introduced?

You are likely to draw attention to the fact that you are a dentist. Of course, it is your profession, but think of it, aren’t you more than only that? If to want to change the way how other people see you, you should change the way you see yourself.

Defining yourself

First of all, you should decide what you want to be. Allow yourself to be something much cooler than just “a dentist”. Now, think about the description you had written – what if you wrote about being in the business of employing great members of the team, mentoring, teach them to provide a perfect service and invest to their personal development?

What if you’d said that you were proud of making all those things and creating the environment where people can flourish and can become their best selves? And, besides, you are a dentist.

Self promote

It may sound dreadful to all the people who hate the idea of being self-promoted. Anyway, if you want other people to remember that you are not just DDS, you have to make this exercise till the end. Only people, whose leverage is their position or resources and who have defined their identity, can have influence and impact on other people.

However you do it – taking you team to cure people who may never seen a dentist or performing a free dentistry event – you will bond with your team, you will change the situation and feel good about it.

Let the other people remember that you are not just a dentist, but also a teacher, a leader, a pillar of your community.



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