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Are You Sure Your Patients Remember Much?
18.05.2017 | News international

Are You Sure Your Patients Remember Much?

by Dental Time

This is a thing that certainly happens at your dental office daily: you examine a patient and tell her in details what oral issues he or she obtained and what treatment should used in this case. 

Do you really think the patient remembers all you were just saying? How much information indeed will remain in his or her head in ten minutes, during which he or she will attempt to reach the car. Even less information will remain in the patient’s brain next day or later. 

This is why you should select what information exactly must be represented to all of your patients. They will never memorize all the details, anyway.

Do you believe your patient should know what composite the filling material contains? The patients do not need to know as well what the structure of a root canal is, in what way the filling material is connected to the tooth. They do not need information about gutta-percha, e.max and zirconia crowns. They will better understand that they simply have pus in their bones and cavities between their teeth.

The main things your patients should know are as follows: what problems they have, what should be undertaken about that, and what will befall if they refuse to neutralize the problems. It would be better to repeat those things several times during the examination.

The third thing out of those three things is the most significant. The patients should clearly remember what will happen if they do not fix the problem at once. They should remember about the consequences, know that in future all this will cost more expensive, be painful, and the treatment will appear more complicated. This is really less complex to remember that the details about the disease and the information about the treatment process.

The dentists must commentate to every patient that if he or she chooses immediate treatment-problem-fixing, everyone wins. The treatment will be easier for the practitioner and less expensive and troublesome for the patient.

Patients are very seldom interested in the details about the treatment. They do not need to be aware of how the dysfunction will be fixed, except of the cost issue. Moreover, the details may sound scary to them. As a consequence, the patient can say that he or she will return to the office later.

Avoid giving too much information and details. Your patients do not memorize it anyway. It is important to make talk to patients, but be careful and chose the right things to say.

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